Moving on...

I've decided to join Leese at SquareSpace. I'm moving my blog there, please check out my new site at Life Stanks.
Thanks and hope to see you there!


Coffee drinker

Looks like we have a new coffee drinker in the house. Like we need more, there's already 2 of them. Hot chocolate with extra "flash"mallows was not good enough for him. I discovered the new coffee drinker when I noticed my coffee cup was always needing refilling whenever I would leave it unattended for more than 5 minutes. I hope that kid keeps growing. Kuya's only 4 and a half. Lately, I've been adding extra soymilk to my dailly mix, anticipating the coffee thief. It's almost a latte now, but I've learned to like it as much as before.

Now this kid has the energy of superhero. He's got his Spidey outfit on and he's flying paper airplanes with his brother from the top of the couch. They're "flying" as they throw it and I catch them- most of the time. They're tough, they can handle a missed catch here and there. It builds stronger legs.

As I'm drinking my coffee- now latte- I wonder how I should help them use up their energy. A trip outside sounds nice right about now. It's bright and sunny.


Broncs Def.

My Raiders finally defeated the Broncos! Ever since Shanahan went over there, it became personal. We could never beat him! I think I'm going to buy a six pack after work. The first beer I'll dedicate to my team. The second is for beating the Broncos! Third, if I make it that far, is for knocking them off first place in the division.

Before I go on and on about celebrating. My last post was supposed to be about my meeting with Michael over the holidays with my wife, Leese. I think I also need to change that title by the way.

After the pleasantries, I didn't know what to expect out of this meeting. I mean, why is my wife meeting this guy for lunch that she met on the web? Isn't that called dating? Anyways, after sitting there a while, my answers came. Instead of a match making session, what I witnessed was 2 serious bloggers talking about- blogging of course. I finally saw how engrossed Leese was into this craze. She(and Mike) knew other bloggers and their blogs so well, they shared gossips, shared opinions on "funny" activity, and the such. They are so into the blogging life.

As it turns out, Mike is a pretty cool guy. Never mind the Vin Deisel haircut, but he was easygoing and cool to hang out with. I think if I wasn't married to her, I would be intimidated with this guy hanging out with my girl. I couldn't keep up that long with all the blog talk, but it sure was interesting(like a sitcom). After Mike ate all the fried potato skins, we wrapped up our conversations and went outside to admire our Honda Accords. We all have the same taste in cars:).

There's a lot of bloggers out there. It's cool that we can do this to actually meet people- real cool people. Nice to have met you, Michael.

Go Raiders!


Nice 2 meet U

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity spend this one with family, friends(old & new), and the shoppers. I or we did most of the stuff on my previous post. I'm glad I put it on "paper" because it gave me an idea what to do with our time. I'd say the most interesting part was again- spending time with the kids. They always amaze me:)! At the beach, the boys did not fight once. They played mountain climbing together, sliding on sand dunes, burying rocks, making castles, etc. That was the best. Along with proud Grandpa, we spent a good hour there taking pics and watching them play. Me and Leese sat on one sand dune and just enjoyed each other's company. It was perfect- we had a beautiful view of the beach with our wonderful kids and Grandpa in the foreground.

I noticed we've been doing a lot of that lately. You know, when I think about it, as the boys are getting more independent(older), it frees up more time for "us". The boys can entertain themselves, as well as others, and they are beginning to become self-sufficient. For example, whenever I sleep in or just run late on preparing breakfast, they'll just start pulling leftovers from the frig. The quart of soymilk becomes some kind of communal ritual drink until its empty. By the time I get up to see what they're doing to the poor frig., they've already had their fill of Mommy's "flower hotdogs" and are ready for the next event- usually playing outside.

I am so glad Lisa and I are so into one another as much as ever. I love it we spend that extra found time loving each other- other than blogging, of course. We can actually hold and kiss each other without having a child between us. "Someone" doesn't constantly need attention- at least not every minute(inside joke). Once the little one gets potty trained, we can even go shopping alone at Ikea. Their free babysitting has only one requirement:

All children must be potty trained.

I cannot wait for the day. I cannot;)(inside joke again)! Bye.


To do list @Dad's

This is more for my own itinerary. A to do list while we're spending Thanksgiving at my Dad's in beautiful Ventura County.

1. Work out with dad.
2. go jogging every morning.
3. play basketball w/ the boys(big and the little ones).
4. Try to do something w/ G&El.
5. Take kids to the park.
6. Shopping somewhere, hopefully w/ dad.
7. Do a double date w/ my bro or w/ G&El.
8. (Lisa's deal)hook up w/ Mikey the blogger.
9. Have bro and friend install more blue lights in car.
10. Go to a movie w/ entire family.
11. Drink wine w/ dad.
12. Have a good ass barbeque.
13. Catch up reading my book(Atlantis Found by Clive Cussler)
14. Try not to blog even though it's getting addicting again.;)

That's it- for now.


It's Monday?

I had the greatest weekend. I haven't been so close to my family since we last went on a vacation. They spent the night at the hotel Friday night and that was cool. My boys kept raiding the snack room all night until they had to go to bed. Leese loves staying at hotels- period. I'm guessing it's a diffent place and she feels like she's on vacation. In the morning, I had to work again bright and early. The boys got me bagels from the bagel shop next door. I ordered pizza for lunch and we had lunch almost together. They ate in their room down the hall and I ate mine at the desk. Well at least we were in the same building.

That night was our anniversary and that went so well. It was so romantic(I usually don't talk like that). After our 1st and 2nd choices were one hour plus waits, we ended up in this old Italian restaurant. I'm glad we ended up there because it wasn't too crowded and it was very enjoyable. Our server was a good looking young man, which I'm sure Lisa liked. I never seen her smile so much. There was this comedian accordian player. He kept me smiling and I just couldn't resist staring at my wife. She looked so beautiful sitting so happily and enjoying the moment. The light coming from her eyes from the fireplace was just amazing. I was reminded again why I fell in love with her 7 years ago. Back then, I didn't know she was the one, but I do remember I always loved her smile and the way she looked at me. It was as if I was the only one in the room with her. She has always given me all her attention. Yeah, that's what did it.

Anyways, we ended dinner with a cannoli. It was our first and was it delicious! The next morning, I worked another morning shift and was able to spend the afternoon with my family. When I got home, the boys were eating dinner and Leese warmed up my leftovers from the Italian place. Yummy, David and I had a good time eating that. We went to church and I have to say I had a great time with my family. It doesn't take much, but life is good right now.



Tomorrow is my wife and I's five- year wedding anniversary. Many of you bloggers know her as Leese or Lisa. We've been together a total of seven years and do the years go by fast. I remember when I was just courting her and I always wanted to get into the sack with her. Its funny, I'm still like that. I can't wait to get home from work just to be with her, even if it's just watching Jay Leno.

Sometimes(more often now), I get up early in the morning with her so I can spend that extra hour with her before she goes to work. I barely can get my tired body to get up, but I do and I make the first batch of coffee. Most of that goes to her to-go coffee cup(we have a 3-cup coffee maker). I then make a second batch which is for me. Then, I either play some xbox or I hang out in the bathroom while she gets ready for the day. I get a real kick when she start getting dressed. I don't know how many times she changes outfits and combinations, but she always asks the same question each time, "How does this look?" I always answer, "That looks fine- you look good- no you don't look fat- perfect!" That would happen every morning if I let it. If one of the boys were to wake up, I would put on Scooby Doo 2 or The Elf and chill out in the livingroom.

Knowing Lisa, I know she'll join us sooner or later. She just has to kiss each of us at least 5 times before she goes to work. I used to hate since it would get the boys all riled(sp) up. Little brother used to have a minor case of separation anxiety. Now, I finally learned to enjoy that and everybody seems to handle it much better.

We don't have plans for tomorrow, but I did trade shifts so I can be off by 3. I'm sure we'll go out to dinner, but we need a babysitter. Everything is so last minute, I'll be impressed if we do go out to dinner- just the two of us. If not, that's cool. We'll just go to buffet(Honey,let's try to find a babysitter).

Happy five years, honey! May we have many, many more!;)

Love, Stanks.



My love had a sad day recently and now it's my turn. It must be the weather. I'm actually looking forward to going to work today. I have my network of overseas guests and the regulars and we talk about all sorts of thngs. A lot of times, the guests walk by with these one liners that just crack me up. It puts a smile on my face and I think I'll need lots of that tonight.

I'm sad because I've just started realizing how wonderful my wife(my love) is and for so long, I've been taking that for granted. She has so much patience dealing with me and raising 2 rambuxious boys. 3 including me. I haven't thanked her half as much as I should, I haven't told her I loved her not nearly as much as she says it to me, and I act stupid and insensitive- a lot.

I've been doing some serious self-analysis lately and I realized I really should start showing her- and my kids- more that I love them. I love them more than the world itself. I love them every day and every night and I only want to be the best dad and husband a family could ever wish for.

My parents used to fight a lot and I told myself I would not do that when I have a family. They had a bitter divorce after 15 hard years. Well, if I don't fix myself, I'll be heading down that same path too- and so will my kids- and so on.

We have a nice home, nice new cars, beautiful boys, good jobs, great friends, cool gadgets and toys. That won't mean anything to me if my family does not have a good father figure. And that goes for being a good husband also. Many marriages in the U.S. last under 5 years. We'll be married 5 soon and it is a very critical moment for us. We should begin to know enough about each other to whether we'll make it or break it. I don't want to break it. I want to be married with Lisa for a thousand and 5 years. I'll be a tall redwood and Leese will be right beside me. Just like she is now.

I have hope for myself and the success of my family. The sermon Wednesday night was right. There is hope and I continue to pray with all my heart. Already, I see the strength in my children. I told them I really loved them at naptime today. They both smiled from ear to ear and told me the same. That felt good.

I know this is a lot of heavy shit for a public post, but not many folks read my stuff and I just had to let this out so I reference it later. Lisa like it when I write I love you in the greeting cards to her. So this is for her. Thanks for listening. I love you honey, Kuya, and Little brother- oh and Ate' too.


A-m-n Plaza

Went to the plaza today with the kids. We had a good time at c.c., cosco, and in front of cosco. There wasn't much people today eating hotdogs and soda in the food area. It must have been that cool wind, but it was so gorgoes today.

Inside. Instead of shopping for food, we shopped for fun stuff. Kuya was the first to suggest getting flowers for mommy.

"not today honey, we'll get other things."

"daddy, those flowers are for mommy, lets gets some."

(little brother)"FLOWERS FOR MOMMY."

"no guys, no guys."

(kuya)"it's only for weddings daddy? only for weddings?"

(little brother)"Weddings?"

"YEAHHHH, weddings... good kuya."

Well, we ended up buying S1 dvd for kuya, some books for the parents, and for some reason, little brother got the only toy no other kid was able to weasel out of their parent.

(as they're passing by the Mr. Incredible display) "oh no, we're not getting that."

I looked like a sucker, but you know what- Little brother was happy, Kuya was happy, and they actually were getting along for 5 minutes. I'd pay a million bucks...

Had some lunch with my wife and i was having some issues this morning with her car. I was trying to figure it out and for the life of me, it just bewildered me. Anyways, I still had to get it to c.c. to have my boy hook up the front speakers. That first service issued turned out to be another issue. I couldn't beleive it.

All in all, the problem got fixed and I was able to drive away without having to go to the service department.

Maybe the Lord was watching over me today because somehow we all made it to church tonight. Even though L was getting little brother dressed and Kuya and I were fixing mommy car's rear speakers. Actually, Kuya was playing in the water- but that's o.k. I finished that and on the way to daddy car, mommy and little brother were already downstairs ready to go.


The sermon was good, but I didn't relax. The guy sitting next to me:
I remember one time his wife was talking to me after service one night. I tried to break free several times but she kept talking. My buddy, Rommel said what's up to me(and we had one of those 5 sec. conversations) and she still kept yapping. Everyone freaking saw that. Anyways.

I really paid attention to the sermon today. It was a different angle being in the back. I was one of first to leave, though.

Speaking of leaving, I think it's time for me to go to bed now. Good night.


Gas mileage

Last time I put gas in my car I got 26 mpg. 321mi./12gal. Today I filled up with 13 gallons and put 380 miles on the trip meter. Approx. 29 mpg. This car has amazing gas mileage and it seems to be getting better. I just surpassed 1500 miles so I'm probably still breaking it in. I love this car!

Still working on my car, I ordered a blue light kit online. It's to replace the interior lights and side door lights. Supposedly it is a brighter halogen than my stocks and it will light up the interior a "cool blue" whenever you open the doors. When I drive, I'll feel like I'm in the Batmobile. 3, 2, 1, blastoff! My brother did this do his Acura TL and he claims it's pretty tight at night. I guess the good thing about this time change is that I'll be able to show off those cool blue lights. Knowing me, I probably just leave them on and kill my battery. Hey, it's under warranty- I think I can just have it replaced in the next 2 years.

We or I just purchased a Kirby vacuum. I knew that would happen as soon as the Kirby Crew weaseled their way into our livingroom. Anyways, about a grand later, I find myself on a mission to clean the world. I've been vacuuming all the carpets, couches, beds, floors, outside areas, etc. With the included attachments, I also shampooed our entire home- twice! Our place is so clean and smells like sweet lavender, I love to walk on our carpet now. I discovered the local Kirby shop and stocked up on HEPA bags, carpet shampoo, and belts. I'm sure our place is just full of gunk so I was anticipating my burning desire to finally rid our entire home of all dirt, dust mites, and dead skin. Yuck. Double yuck.

Our place must be super duper clean now because I think I can breathe better at home than at work. My nose always seems so stuffy at work. And then when I'm home, my nose is clear and the air just breathes cleaner. It's just allergen relief!

I wonder how much dead skin is on my work floor carpet. Yuck.

Speaking of, time to get back to work. I got to pay for our or my new Kirby. LOL:)



It's been a while since I've been in here. I've been spending a lot of my time in the Almaden Shopping Plaza(where they have Circuit City). Over the last few months, I dropped over 500 watts of amazing stereo sound into my car. It sounds incredible. I probably overdid it, but the music sound so rich- and loud. Try listening to "Heartache Tonight" by the Eagles. That songs hits real good. I started listening to more R&B because those songs have a lot of lows and it really utilizes my subwoofers. Oh what a feeling. Enough of that.

At work, everything is well. I get a lot praise and thanks from my peers. Just recently, I was praised for getting perfect "shop" calls(that's where mystery callers test us on our customer service), received a couple of nice emails from formers guests, and just plain appreciation from my two bosses. They're great. The big boss just came back from a big corporate event and they all got praises there too. What a great company.

We had an employee meeting a few weeks ago on what to do in case of natural disasters. The GM and Sales Director spent a good 20 minutes just letting us know how much they've heard and noticed how much of a great job we are doing. Apparently at our weekly guest barbeques, guests are constantly commenting on our wonderful guest service and how much we've been able to help them above and beyond their expectations.

Since we are small staff, we are forced a lot of times to take care of special guest requests ourselves. Fixing clogged toilets, checking internet issues, replacing burnt bulbs, and just being a friendly face when guests come back home to the hotel. We are an extended stay hotel and little things like that are very important. Last night, my "Indian buddies" were taking pictures to take home with them. They made sure they didn't forget to take some pictures of me. "Hey N, come here, we need to take a picture of you!" Maybe I'll become a celebrity back in their country.

I continue to like my current position and I feel my peers do as well. It's a nice atmosphere to be in. Boom boom, baby!


Thank you!

I love my jeep. Thanks, Honda for taking the extra time to detail my car. I think I'm getting attached to it because I actually took the time to wash it today. And it's a rent-a-car.

When I came to work today, I was surprised to be presented with a gift card from the local coffee shop. I was part of a sales blitz with my bosses and not only did they endlessly thank me for helping them, they gave me that card. I was very content that they even asked me to come along. During the blitz, they kept thanking me for coming along, talked about the business trends, the overall success of the hotel, the budget, etc. I really felt appreciated and part of the team. Appreciated, that's a feeling I get a lot from my current job. Beleive it or not, that is a lot more than I would ever expect from my previous job. If anything, the previous place would merely give me a fake thank you and then back to slaving again. "Okay, great job! Now where's the capex spreadsheets that are due tomorrow?" No breaks there.

I think I will start using my coffee card tomorrow before work. I'll probably order my usual caramel latte, easy on the foam. Yummmy! I'd have one now, but the shop in this parking lot closes at 6! And it's that popular one too! Whoever heard of that? Well, tomorrow I'm there.

Well, thanks to my current bosses who thanked me.


Spin outs

I had an eye opener this morning. On the way to church with the family, we spun out in the new car. This one was the Jeep. It all happened in super slow motion. We going onto Hwy. 101 and I gassed it as soon as the curve straightened and that's when it happened. Because of the rain-slicked streets, the rear wheels spun and wrapped the rear end of the car to the front. We had a very slow motion 180 degrees spin. It was the scariest thing ever. The whole time we were slowly spinning, I kept thinking, "Don't tip! Don't tip!". Thankfully, we didn't.

After that, I took it real slow to our exit. At church, I made sure to pay extra attention to the lesson and pray extra hard during prayer. I can't wait to have my car back.

At work, I was listening to the local news channel and learned there were a lot of spin outs and accidents this morning. We weren't the only ones slipping and sliding. I'm very thankful that we didn't hit anyone or anything. Thanking God everyday for everything is a very good to do. You never know when it's time to go.


9-11 posting

Yesterday is usually a sad day for me. I get emotional around this time of year. I was devestated when that #### happened 3 years ago. I don't usually cry, but I cried that day.

My love did something that turned tears of sadness to tears of joy. She went off and got me a car. We had just gotten one not more than 2 weeks ago and we still had our minivan(a.k.a. Daddy Car). We decided he was getting a little sluggish and worn down in his 4+ year life. The brakes were feeling spongy(even after servicing), many knicks on the bumpers, and gas mileage wasn't that great in the first place anyway.

So that was the trade in for the "new" one. Or should I say new "new" one? So my love picked out a beautiful midnight blue 2004 Accord. It only had 17 miles on it and did I say it was beautiful? I got up with the sun this morning just to admire "her". "She" looked so pretty in the early morning sun. "Her" lines-not too flashy, yet on the cool side. With 160 horses under the hood, she could be racy, but she won't. She'll be driven like a baby and treated like a princess. Her shiny new paint will last a long time, since she'll be waxed constantly.

I don't know how I could ever re-pay my love for this. This is the very best thing anyone has ever done for me- well, other than all the great things my Dad has done for me over the years. I already love my love, but this just blows me away. She seems to get a little wild sometimes. I love her for it, though.

Thanks, Honey.


Car problems

Yesterday was my love's birthday. Happy birthday, love! I hope you got everything you wanted:).

My co-worker's all jazzed up about buying my old car(92' Corolla). It's actually my mother-in-law's, but she's giving me permission to finally sell it. Thank you, Mom! Private party re-sale on it is $1,800 and I'm giving it up for an even grand. I already have a buyer, my co-worker, M and he's been waiting so patiently. M gave me the papers for title transfer and even created a promissory note(He's going to make payments). He has been so ready to take this sweet deal. Everytime I see him, he's wanting an update. When he started it up the other day, he was very impressed how the engine has held up. M had a big smile on his face when he got out of the car. It's like holiday time and he knows what the big present is under the tree. It's right there in the parking lot, but he can't officially/legally drive it yet! That sucks.

I feel so bad. I saw my mother-in-law last night at the party and she was ready to sign any and all paperwork. Good going me forgot to bring them. I tried to blame my wife that she forgot it, but I soon gave up that argument, dreading the potential consequences. So tonight when M comes to relieve me, I have to tell him to wait yet another few more days. We're both off the next 2 days, so it's going to be a long "weekend" for him.

M's a good guy. He's also a student, so it would really help him if he had some wheels. He takes the bus to work and it takes him over an hour. Whenever he's running late, he spots $35 for a cab ride. This young man needs a damn car- fast. So, to M: I will try harder, my friend, to get you all the paperwork signed. Sorry for the delays.



We, or should I say my wife, bought a new car this week. This week has gone by so fast because of it and now it's the long weekend. Anyways, it's a very nice sedan and i like the shape of it(Accord). I'm planning to make it the "Raider Trick Car". 1st the stickers on the side windows. I don't know which ones yet, but I was thinking of putting the slogans on there like, "excellence", "the black hole", "silver and black is back", or "Gannon the Cannon". I'm not going to do the sheild because I'm saving that for the entire back window. With all that on there, we won't need to tint the windows. It- will- be- tight.

Then there's the interior. To protect the front seats, I'm thinking of buying 2 Raiders Jerseys(don't know which players yet) and putting them over the 2 front seats as seat covers. Aha, very clever. The back seat will simply get a blanket thown over it.

The rest of the accessories are kind of dumb, but I'll get them anyways. They sell antennae balls, specialized licenses, flags, banners, bobbleheads, wristbands(when I drive), etc. After all this, our new "Raider Trick Car" will be it.

Go Raiders!


white socks

I get to wear white socks to work! For the past 9 years, all my jobs required me to wear black socks. Now my current employer, with our uniform dress code, it doesn't matter if you wear white or black. We're offered khaki pants, polo shirts and shoes at a discounted price. It's very casual. My first 2 weeks there, I was still going to work in my black slates, my deer stags, and my black socks. My bosses were probably thinking I was still trying to "wow" them. I simply got so used to wearing that- some days I think I dressed better than them. Wow. Compared to my previous job, this one actually provided me with the entire wardrobe. On my last one, they provided you with 2 shirts a year(if that) and you had to purchase everything else. If that wasn't bad enough, they were very particular of what to wear. The only acceptable pants were dress khakis or black slacks, white undershirts, all black or all white casual shoes, no polo uniforms in the office, and so on. What are these people thinking? Anyways, I'm out of there now and I atually really enjoy what I do for my new employer. I also get acknowledged for any of my accomplishments- big or small. That in itself is priceless. I just talked to one of my ex co-workers and things there are as crappy as ever. The guests hate the "big" boss there. One guest called her a bitch- to her face and in front of everyone! My inside source even tells me she is violating the same company policy that eventually led to myself being let go. Crrraaappppyyy! I don't miss that environment at all, but I sure do feel sorry for my buddies over there. Another guy there, code named, Narc, has also had enough. He's now changed his code name to "Mule" since the "big" boss has got him doing all kinds of miscellaneous work. LOL. At least those 2 crazy indians are making light out of a dreary environment. I'll have to pay them a visit soon. Plus, I think they're still holding my mags. Cheers!


Rated X

For my gaming system, that is. LOL. I got the game pass from Blockbuster and I find myself going to that damn place every day! Sometimes I go there twice! It's like making love. Anyways, I got so many damn games on my system I don't know what to do with them. My son, King, likes a couple of games. My other son, Prince, likes another couple of them. Lately, my daughter, T-rex, likes only one- Driver 3. This game can be insanely violent, but she plays it mildly. As for me, I like all the games, but only play about 5 of them. Oh, did I mention there is currently over 50 in my collection. With all the games I have, I still want certain others. Sudeki is one of them. I've been waiting all summer for it come out(that sounded young!?). The character models look hot and it's an RPG(role playing game). I used to be a huge Final Fantasy fan on another gaming system. Played VII - IX about 2 to 4 times each! Mind you, each installment takes forever to complete. You can spend 2 hours easy just powering up your character in the same desert(all you RPG fans know what I'm talking about). This sounds boring, but if you ever get into it- it's very addicting. Long hours go by and I'm kicked off the t.v. by my love! Now that I think of it, if I get into another RPG, my ass may get kicked- not the t.v! My love may look sweet, but she can be rough and tough as well.

Back to the games, is it possible to have too many games? I don't know because I'm fine with having more and more games. Can I relate myself with the sports superstars who have also extravagent collections? Yeah, I guess. Maybe my attention span is so short I have to have a ready selection of games to interest me at all times? I'm also into getting cheat codes and hints for these games which makes it the more easier to play or complete them. I see now, I have a short attention span and no patience! So how did I ever play those RPG's back then? Oh well!


busy tonight

Well, it started off nice and easy. Even when my bosses asked me, "hey buddy, you gonna' be alright? Need anything before we go?" No, I'm cool. All the check-ins tonight fit on one screen- I can handle it(no problem). Was I ever wrong.

At 7p.m., right before sunset, I watered the flowers outside. It was all relaxing and happy go lucky, but then the phones started ringing. I went back inside and started answering calls. Guests started coming up wanting towels, toilet paper, coffees, movie rentals, etc. I checked in a guest and the pms we use lost a room in inventory. The guest was already in the room, but in the computer, it wasn't showing that room to being available. Damn, this computer IS on PMS! Shit, so I'm on hold with our beautiful help desk- customer service issues continue to happen. When I finally get through, I got an automated secretary asking me what pms we are using, if my hotel is franchise or company owned, if I'm on a touch tone phone, all these ridiculous questions. What do I do? Do I press 3 or 6 or what the hell did she ask? All the while guests are still calling and asking for stuff at the front desk. OMG, this is not cool! Of course, in the middle of this, my love calls. "Hi, honeyyyy. How are youuuu?" she purrs sofly. Honey, not right now, I'm in the middle of something. I"ll call you back. "Okay, byyyeee". ))))roar(((( I can't beleive it. 2 hours later and the rush finally finishes. Thank goodness. Time went by very fast during this, but the stress I could have done without. Thank you blogspot for letting me vent. I'll be off the next 2 days so I think I can get over it. Goodnight!


July 04'

I'm hoping this is not going to be my only post for July.  It's been a busy month, though.  So I apologize to all my non-readers that I haven't been updating.  I think I'm about settled in to our new place.  Doing errands and commuting to work from here has finalized the moving process.  I think all the address changes are complete and that should be it.  It feels so good to go home at night and just chill.  Even if it's just playing Madden on easy mode.  ha! ha!  All the gamers know what I'm talking about.  Imagine Raiders 84, Broncos 7.  I still have some closets to rearrange and I think more garbage to toss.  Anyone interested in a 20 gal plexi?  How about a 7 with pump and lighting?  I really want to set up the tanks again, but the place looks so good with very few furnishings.  "It's contemporary" as my love would say.  When we lived there before, we cluttered the place up.  I guess we spent too much time here.  Every inch of space had to be filled- even the ceilings(right, hon?!).  That was halarious.  My love just had to do some interior decorating in our grand family room- so she...  
put fabric all around the room- draping from the ceiling. 
It was brown. 
The futon was brown. 
The carpet was brown. 
Damn it!, we're brown! 
Well, at least I am! 
When I'm sitting in the livingroom I feel like I'm immensed in shit! 
But it's home.  And we're back again and I love it more than ever now.  From being away, I've realized how lucky we are to have such a beautiful home.  We are truly fortunate.  As Prince would say, "I'm yucky!"  ha, ha, very funny. 


my feelings

Although I am an hourly employee here at my new job, I'm treated better here than my previous one. The stress level is lower, my peers are actually working and not gossiping among other managers, and jobs are not being threatened continuously. My peers talk to me, rather than being talked down to. I was talking to my manager yesterday about occupancy and availability. We talked. If it were the other job, I would be either blown off or simply cut off and told to go somewhere. Now to think of it- that was very rude! A lot of the managers that I worked with or under were rude. I really like the place I work at now. The managers treat their employees well and that must be a reflection of their bosses, corporate. I didn't know corporate could be so reasonable. What have I been missing out on? Now I work my 8 hours and I get to relax when I'm not working. My time is my time. What a value! or is that almost a human right? By the way, Spiderman 2 is tight! I can't wait to get the video game.


Good Morning

This is a nice day to blog. I'm here in the kitchen and the kids have already left for the babysitters. I purposely turned the t.v. off and the fish pond. You see, the pond has a waterfall. With that on, i feel i always have to go to the bathroom. It also doesn't help that i drank 3 cups of coffee this morning. They(the animals) gave me a run for my money yesterday. "Prince" didn't want to walk yesterday during our morning stroll, so he had to be carried on my shoulders. In the hot sun, I felt like i was walking through the desert. "King" kept asking for apple juice, thus Prince aquired the urge as well. That was the start. At the video store, after repeated verbal attempts(threats), Prince and the King continued taking the display videos off the shelves. They did not get spanked- luckily there was other parents with the same dilemma. This must be normal, i'm thinking. We get Jamba Juice and while we're waiting for our juices, Prince is trying to take the pictures off the wall. Again, more verbal "attempts" and he manages to abstain. Oh yeah, he is getting mature. I'll probably miss that in those two when they get older, so i should enjoy it now. In the meantime, they keep me extremely alert. We end up at BK for lunch. As soon as we get the food on our table and we are about to eat, King needs to go. Oh yes, so we leave the food there and we all take a feild trip to the bathroom. Prince is getting into everything, i'm trying to clean the toilet area for King, and the King is doing the rain dance. After that fiasco, all of us had to wash our hands! We eventually ate our burgers and went straight home to take a nap. Naptime- Daddy's tired.


Today’s my sister’s birthday and I can’t get a hold of her. I got a card for her that the boys’ decorated for her. It’s a little messy, but that’s the boys for you. It’s also their Ate’s birthday and they decorated that too. Nicely done I must say. I have the privilege to stay at the hotel tonight. I requested an early check-in because of the drama going on at the house. L took off with S last night to Magic Mountain and her mom did not approve of that. I don’t know when they’re planning to come back, but I do know I don’t want to be around when they do. This is one fireworks show I don’t want to see. Back to the hotel, it’s a lot nicer than the previous one I worked at. This one is a much upgraded version. Not only the furnishings, but also the management that works here is much. They actually work. They don’t gossip all day on the phone- they work and manage the hotel. I might stick around here a bit. Their system and philosophy makes better sense. Yes, I think this may be nice.


Barbeque Terriyaki

I walked down the kids this morning with moms as usual. Kissed them their goodbyes and watched them drive away. Me and Kuya have these secret hand signals and I don't want to miss it if he throws one my way. It was early in the morning still and I don't work until 12 noon. So what do I do? I barbequed! 7 in the morning, what the heck is this guy doing? That's what probably all the neighbors were thinking walking outside holding coffee in hand. I had defrosted some chicken legs and a few chicken halves the night before. In minutes, the barbeque was all fired up and ready to go. Like clockwork, halfway through cooking, I started basting those bad boys with Mr. Yoshida's gourmet sauce. I kept at it every 5 minutes. Turn. Baste. Turn. Baste. I love it when the smoky smell of barbeque starts hitting the air. Oh yeah, they're cooking up now. The peices are marking up just beautiful and the glazing is just so heavy. 8 o'clock(still morning) now and they're all about done. Everybody here loves barbeque too so it will probably be tonight's dinner. As for me, it's time to take a shower and come back down for some serious breakfast. That's how my Monday started.


Dime Anyone?

Today was a day of accidents. I accidently checked someone into a dirty room. Lisa dropped a plate of barbeque on the floor. The Lakers lost(huge accident!). Last, but not least, my son J swallowed a dime in church. Thus, the title. It was horrible. He all of a sudden started gagging in the middle of worship service. I immediately took him out of there and went to the bathroom to see if he wanted to gag it out. He tried with tears running down his face- still clutching a handful of coins. That did not work. I told him, "no more coins." and threw the coins in the trash. I got him to drink some water and told him, "it's o.k., the coin will just have to come out when you go poo poo." Poor anak ko. So, like in my title, dime anyone?



Today was a relaxing day. After taking a seemingly 4-hour nap, we took the kids to their favorite- Target. We were there to buy a barbeque grill since Mom went and bought a(nother) black purse bag for my wife. Jeez, i thought she had a few already. Anyways, that would be another blog. We got the grill, charcoal, t(h)ongs, grill brush- oh and hulk and spiderman underwear, hulk pants, spiderman shirt, etc. When we got home, i rush- assembled the grill. After it was all put together, i noticed the wheels do not correspond with the handles on the side. Meaning, when you pull on either handle, it will not roll. so i have to take the legs off and shift them one slot over. What a dork move that was! It was dark when i finally had it assembled, so i barbequed anyways- wheels offline and everything. We, or I threw some pork on the grill sprinkled with Mrs. Dash. 20 minutes before it was done, here comes the barbeque/lemon/terriyaki sauce creation. I know it sounds weird, but let me tell you, in the end, it was fabulous. with some barbeque sauce on the side, it is very addicting and satisfying. oh yeah! My dinner was one good size peice with a lot of rice. oh, i love that stuff. I guess that gives it away that i'm asian. I smell like barbeque.


A Sandwich

Aaaaa, who ate my chicken sandwich? This hourly thing is really tripping me out(i worked the salary position for almost 7 years my prior job). It all started yesterday as i was doing laundry, one of the housekeepers took my one and only laundry cart from the laundry room. she just clocked in, put all the linen on the table, and walked away with the cart. "Thank you, rookie!" i would imagine she was thinking in spanish. So today- "hey, who the heck took my sandwich?!" I hope they enjoyed it. it was a homemade chicken salad sandwich on white toasted. i bet it tasted good? how's my cooking, btw? I find it so funny to try and gain respect as an hourly. when i was the man- When I Was Da Man- , the housekeepers made sure i was always fed. Always. They always took care of me, they came to me for all their ups(and downs), they always greeted me with a smile, opened doors for me, everything! Now, I'm on the other side and i'm, I guess, surviving? I'm starting from the bottom, literally. I wonder what will happen next. only one housekeeper has been halfway nice to me. "C" bought me a soda yesterday, but only because i helped her with laundry. It's Friday- that explains it.


$1 a day

I earned my pay today. the front desk was busy with checkouts, i did some laundry, stocked the cupboard and even did some cleaning up of some clutter in the storage rooms. boy, time went by real quick today! i did so well with learning, i lost my Sunday off as they can use me during the graduation checkouts. i guess, yeah! for being such a good employee. ahh k! well, time to burn some more c.d.'s